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Ironman Certified Coach, Ex-Brunei's National Swimmer & American Swimming Coaches Association Certified:


We welcome Gator's newest addition to the team. As an athlete himself, he takes his experience and directly transfers it to his coaching. Dylan has participated a lot in Crossfit when he was younger and has participated in the Crossfit open and has competed here in Brunei. He has traveled around the world training with world-class coaches and Olympic athletes. Being an athlete from a young age, he has grown with swimming and triathlon being a part of him. Dylan loves the thrill and challenges physically and mentally that sports give him. Take a look at Dylan's swimming and triathlon experiences:

  • Represented Brunei in the ASEAN School Games (2015) and South East Asian Age Group (2015, 2016 and 2017) for swimming

  • 3rd place for Teenage Boys 14-15 in Asia for Crossfit Games Open 2016

  • 2nd place for Teenage Boys in Panaga Triathlon race 2016

  • Top 5 ranking in Road cycling races in Brunei and Miri

  • Triathlon races in Brunei - e.g. Tri-Ultra Olympic Distance

  • Run Through UK - Half Marathon London

  • Ironman Certified Coach (08/2020)

  • American Swimming Coaches Association Certified

  • SwimToFly Singapore Certified Coach

  • Represented Plymouth Leander in Swimming - 2 Years

  • Trained in Thanyapura with Fina Approved Coach Miguel and Olympic Swimmers E.g. Sajan Prakash


Miri Century Race 2019 


Rapha Circuit London - 2019

coaching approach

Dylan prides himself on focusing on the athlete's current abilities and where the athlete desires to be. Being coached all over the world, he is able to work out what technique works with each individual and work from there. Being very analytic, he looks at numbers and sees the athlete's progress from there. To make the most out of every session, he believes an open relationship between individuals and the coach is very important. Quality over quantity. 


Run Through UK - Half Marathon Lonndon

Brunei x3 Run 

South east Asian age group 2017


plymouth leander athlete

Dylan Chua admitted he almost threw in the towel with the difficulty he faced in juggling school and training.


However, the 16-year-old is battle ready and is looking forward to the three-day tournament.


“Preparations have been tough because we have been training like crazy over the past month. There was basically no rest period till last week,” said Chua.


“I expect to beat my time since we have been training like insane. It has been really hard balancing this and school.


“There were a few times I wanted to like give up and just drop out of this competition but I have already set my goal,” added the 16-year-old, who will be making his third appearance in SEA AG competition.


Dylan was given the opportunity to swim for one of the top swimming clubs in the UK. He was given a scholarship for swimming for 2 years and he made the most out of all of it. He left home to train with the best coaches in the world to improve himself as a person and to improve his swimming career. He has learned a lot during the past 2 years from world-class athletes and look to provide the knowledge that he has to give to the Bruneian community. Dylan has qualified for many competitions in the UK both long course and short course meets.  


- South West Regionals 2019 - Millfield (Short Course)

- Plymouth Leander Regionals 2020 - Plymouth (Long Course)


Top Male Athlete - City of Plymouth 2019

Plymouth Leander Award Ceremony 2019 - Top Athlete in the Squad


Being a national swimmer for Brunei and a running and cycling athlete, Dylan has participated in triathlon events. His thrill for triathlon has grown over the years as an athlete. He has competed recently on the Ironman VR Platforms and has been active on there. Due to his passion, Dylan has studied and has gained an Ironman Certified Coach Certificate. He wants to share and help the sporting community in Brunei to become better athletes. 

unnamed (1).jpg

Brunei Open Swimming Championships - 2016


Tri-Ultra 28.75 - 2017


- My 8 year old daughter enjoyed her session with Coach Dylan. He is able to connect with kids and help improve their water confidence within just the first lesson!

- Well everything seems good, I notice they are more confident in the water, now when they swim, they accelerate further compared to before, and they can swim longer without stopping. The techniques that they've learnt really helps. They also like Dylan as their teacher honestly because they don't like a very very strict teacher, they said they enjoy the classes with you. They're always excited for the next class.

- My daughter loves her lessons and had learned many new things. The coaches are fabulous and fun. We really enjoy watching her learn and grow. Thanks!!!!

- Very structured and organized coaching. Concentrate a lot of proper stroke techniques in order to swim competitively in the future. Not only did my daughter improve within a short period, but she also enjoyed her training. Coach Dylan has a lot of patience and made my daughter look forward to her lessons.

-During my daughter's first few lessons, coach Dylan gave her a task of 60 test sets to be completed with each set reduce by a second and encourage her to do her best in each set. She could only achieve 4 sets of it. Fast forward 19 days later, she was given the same test set .This time she improve with 6 sets. With only three training sessions a week, she has shown great improvement in the short period of time. Will be looking forward to what my daughter could achieve under coach Dylan's training.

So far, I have attended 2 lessons and honestly I have learned a lot of swimming techniques and managed to pick them up very quickly. But I wouldn't be able do it without your excellent coaching! Today I managed to brave myself to swim in a deep pool. Can't wait to learn more!

- I just want to thank you for the swim coaching, can't believe a month can shave 3 minutes of my 500m swim. Swimming is definitely mostly technique as you said, your teachings and guidance were definitely effective in helping to achieve my goal. I appreciate your time and effort in teaching me proper techniques and encouraging me to push myself further as it was really really fruitful! 

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WA +673 7178007 for more information

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