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gator swimming

We welcome you! 

We are so excited to welcome swimmers and non-swimmers of all ages into our world of Gator Swimming. We have been working hard to show how our lessons are delivered and to bring you our structured training programs. These allow the sessions to be fun and more progressive than ever before. We welcome you to join our journey of Gator Swimming!



One to One

For all ages and all abilities! We work closely with athletes to improve their technique and build from there. You get full attention from the coach, maximizing every second of the session. We can achieve anything from technique correction to breaking personal bests, we can do anything!

1h 15min sessions

$40 / Session
To sign up - WA +673 7178007 or Dm us on IG


Foundation Class (5 persons)

Working with ages 7-13 years old, we provide the essential skills to be safe in and around water. Our small class means maximum attention for each pupil from the coach, being able to progress faster and further. The pupils will learn the basics of all four strokes and being able to swim at least 15m of front crawl and backstroke achieving their first milestone!

1h 15min sessions

1 sessions: $50 / Month

2 sessions: $90 / Month

1 or 2 sessions per week

To sign up - WA +673 7178007 or Dm us on IG

Swim Analysis

We offer swim analysis in all four strokes, dives, turns, and anything you want to be corrected or looked at.

Look at your stroke from in and out of the water looking at technique and mechanics. Get faster in the water fast.

$100 / Session

1.5 - 2 Hour Sessions
Contntact +673 7178007

Adult Swim Classes


Developed for older teens and adults, our program provides adults every opportunity to improve their skills in a safe environment with Ironman Certified Coach and National Swimmer - Dylan Chua.



Once a week (75min) - $100/Month



Twice a week (75min each) - $180/Month



DM us on IG or Contact +673 7178007

Elite Group


Supporting and developing the pupils to set targets in the pool or open water in all four strokes. We will support the path the pupil will go for which could be competing within the region to competing in Ironman events internationally. Our coach has been to international competitions and representing Brunei and has trained under various FINA Approved coaches to apply what he has learnt to the swimmers!


Gator Swimming will support your goals!


1 time a week (90min each) - $100/Month (Group)


2 times a week (90min each) - $180/Month (Group)


Saturday - 10am

Sunday - 10am


DM us on IG or Contact +673 7178007


Our Vision

For Gator's future, we look to expand our classes for a development and gator academy group. We look to move forward early next year with the best coaches across the country. Our coach Dylan looks to build youth and senior swimmers to learn essential skills of swimming and lead them up to competitions if wanted. Gator looks to build into triathlon in the future and work with athletes of all ages and abilities. Stay tuned for future updaes!

Why Choose Us?

Coached by our ex national swimmer, Ironman certified coach, SwimToFly Singapore Certified Coach & American Swimming Coaches Association Certified, Dylan Chua. The coach has represented Brunei in many international events and looks to share his experiences to help athletes in achieving their swimming goals. They both have seen and worked with athletes from novice to a professional levels. They will guide you throughout the program making sure you are the best you can be!

WA +673 7178007 for more info

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All participants must fill in the waiver form and send to the following email:
Send picture to +673 7178007


- My 8 year old daughter enjoyed her session with Coach Dylan. He is able to connect with kids and help improve their water confidence within just the first lesson!

- Well everything seems good, I notice they are more confident in the water, now when they swim, they accelerate further compared to before, and they can swim longer without stopping. The techniques that they've learned really helps. They also like Dylan as their teacher honestly because they don't like a very very strict teacher, they said they enjoy the classes with you. They're always excited for the next class

- My daughter loves her lessons and had learned many new things. The coaches are fabulous and fun. We really enjoy watching her learn and grow. Thanks!!!!

- Very structured and organized coaching. Concentrate a lot of proper stroke techniques in order to swim competitively in the future. Not only did my daughter improve within a short period, but she also enjoyed her training. Coach Dylan has a lot of patience and made my daughter look forward to her lessons.

-During my daughter's first few lessons, coach Dylan gave her a task of 60 test sets to be completed with each set reduce by a second and encourage her to do her best in each set. She could only achieve 4 sets of it. Fast forward 19 days later, she was given the same test set .This time she improve with 6 sets. With only three training sessions a week, she has shown great improvement in the short period of time. Will be looking forward to what my daughter could achieve under coach Dylan's training.

-So far, I have attended 2 lessons and honestly I have learned a lot of swimming techniques and managed to pick them up very quickly. But I wouldn't be able do it without your excellent coaching! Today I managed to brave myself to swim in a deep pool. Can't wait to learn more!

- I just want to thank you for the swim coaching, can't believe a month can shave 3 minutes of my 500m swim. Swimming is definitely mostly technique as you said, your teachings and guidance were definitely effective in helping to achieve my goal. I appreciate your time and effort in teaching me proper techniques and encouraging me to push myself further as it was really really fruitful! 

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